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Abstract Background

Cyber Security

Lucayan Technology Solutions is a full-service Information Technology and Staffing firm that provides mission-critical support to the United States Department of Defense, along with technical support to commercial organizations. Lucayan Technology has learned from, participated in, and developed cutting-edge systems and training techniques for top-secret/classified initiatives. Our customers in the defense,  enforcement, and surveillance space include the US Army Special Operations Command, the Air Force Special Operations Command, the Naval Special Operations Command, and the Joint Communications Support  Element of the military. We use an agile and innovative approach to discover, evaluate, architect, and implement advanced solutions to ensure our customer’s success. *

Services provided

  1. Assessment and Authorization

  2. Policy Plans and Procedures

  3. Cybersecurity Reporting

  4. Cyber Assessment and Validation

  5. Cybersecurity Engineering

  6. Cybersecurity Training


Core Competencies

Assessment and Authorization

  • E-Mass

  • Accreditation Roadmaps

  • Authority to Operate (ATO)

  • Interim Authority to Test (IATT)

  • Authority to Connect (ATC)

  • GIAP Database

  • SNAP Database

  • Ports, Protocols and Services Management (PPSM)

  • Xacta

  • Information Security Continuous Monitoring Plan (ISCM)

  • Advise SCA/CA and AO/DAA

Cybersecurity Reporting

  • Compile Metrics and Cybersecurity Reports

  • Track IAMV, CTO and WARNORD Compliance

  • Compliance w. DoDD 8140.01

  • System Level Continuous Monitoring

Policy Plans and Procedures

  • Security Plans

  • Security Assessment Plans (SAP)

Cyber Assessment and Validation

  • Inspections, Scanning, Patch Compliance and Remediation

  • Develop POA&Ms

  • Document Compliance

  • Cyber Trend Analysis

Cybersecurity Engineering

  • Risk and Vulnerability Network Audits

  • Assess and Recommend Actions

  • Security Controls

  • RMF


Cybersecurity Training

  • Track and Validate Cyber Workforce

  • Enterprise Cyber Awareness Campaigns

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