Contract Vehicles & Corporate Credentials 


Core Capabilities & Company Information
• Program Management

• Program Planning

• Programming

• Budgeting & Scheduling


• NAICS Codes: 541330, 541990, 541661,
541614, 541618, 541690, 541712


Past Performance Breakdown
• Analyze events, activities and schedule data to provide evaluations on achieving hardware delivery and case milestones.

• Perform financial analyses utilizing Program Budget and Accounting System (PBAS), Standard Operation and Maintenance
Army Research Development System (SOMARDS), Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS), Mechanization of Contract Administration Services (MOCAS), Federal Logistics Record (FEDLOG), Defense Integrated Finance System (DIFS), Case Closeout Program Execution System (CCOPES), Centralized Information System for International Logistics (CISIL), Logistics Modernization Program (LMP), Out of Office (OOO), Automated Time, Attendance, and Production System (ATAAPS), Training, Education and Development (TED), and General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS). Track case funding consisting of country level, case level, line level, and requisition level data using FMS databases.

• Perform program evaluation, review, and analysis in the areas of program management, planning, programming, cost and schedule to ensure that individual FMS country program goals and objectives are achieved.

• Perform cost estimating and analysis of data prepared by other contractors and USG agencies.

• Provide analysis of the life cycle performance requirements for FMS programs.

• Prepare new, manage existing, and update schedules to at least the 5th indenture level with linked predecessor and successor tasks using Microsoft Project for LAV programs as well as an overarching USMC Family of Light Armored Vehicles.

• Build, monitor and analyze the overall FO LAV schedule, identifying interfaces and potential conflicts between various



Core Capabilities & Company Information
• Software & Database Engineering
• Quality Assurance & Quality Control
• Cloud System Implementation
• B2B Communication & Automation


• NAICS Codes:


Past Performance Breakdown
• Customized web, business intelligence, and practice management development including: Project Management and Systems Development Life Cycle; Responsive Web & Mobile development with a mobile device management system Business Intelligence with Predictive Forecasting, Cloud Computing; AI & Machine Learning; ETL (extract, transform, load) and data
warehouse management; Data dashboards and automated reporting suite; Emerging technologies such as educational technology and IoT Solutions, API Integration, design and development.

• Infrastructure automation for automated testing and deployment of application; Continuous Delivery for automated build, test, deployment of the application in a fast and automated manner.

• Site Reliability Engineering with system monitoring of web, mobile, database, and user interaction.

• Security monitoring to prevent cyber-based attacks.

• Quality Assurance and Quality Control which includes: Automated Testing; Unit testing run at each build and deployment of application; Functional testing run at regular intervals to simulate the real user experience; Test scenarios and documented description of the quality control system; Bug Tracking and Error Reporting with notifications via email or text message to quickly fix errors.

• Cloud System implementation and interconnectivity: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, cPanel, Linus and Windows VPS

• B2B communication and automation which includes: API Web Services integrations and management; Reporting and Notifications automation.

• Programming in ASP.Net, C#, Java, JavaScript.


• Database management and report writing in QL, MySQL



Certifications & Codes
• CCIE Collaboration

• CCNP Collaboration

• MCSE Productivity

• Six Sigma

• Avaya


• NAICS Codes: 541330, 541990, 541661,
541614, 541618, 541690, 541712


Past Performance Breakdown
Lucayan Technology delivers unified communications and collaboration to meet your company needs. Our team of SME’s
specialize across major UC platforms which include Avaya, Cisco, and Microsoft. The SME’s will outline the requirements, design,
and implement UC on unclassified and classified networks to reduce/eliminate telecom cost and security vulnerabilities from legacy voice systems. Lucayan Technology mission is help increase your business productivity by streamlining the collaboration process and extending your enterprise with leading-edge technology.


  • Client Consultation

  • Telecommunications

  • Right size your UC network

  • Life-cycle oriented processes

  • UC Infrastructure Design

  • Call Center

  • Project Management Messaging Solutions

  • Call recording and reporting

  • Road mapping

  • Audio/Video Conferencing

  • IP telephony (VoIP)

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

  • Transition

  • Enhanced ROI

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Mobile Work Force

  • Contact Center

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • E911

  • IP Paging and Mass Notification